August 2018 Otago Lakes Fishing Report

Proudly brought to you by Craig Smith from Hatch Fishing
With spring just around the corner, the trout are finally starting to show a bit of  interest in feeding. Rainbows are looking to congregate around river mouths, and the browns are starting to look around the margins of the lakes for some easy food as they continue to recover from spawning.
The Tekapo / Twizel canals are fishing well, and should continue to do so for the next couple of months until things warm up.
I have been trying out saltwater fly fishing for the last week a up in the Whitsunday area of Queensland, with mixed results.
The fishing is a bit different from ours, but sighted fish in clear water is the norm. I have been finding it a lot tougher than I expected to land fish, but at least I’m getting plenty of opportunities for good presentations.
It really makes me appreciate what a great freshwater fishery we have here in the NZ!
Here’s something that ate my fly yesterday. Enjoy August.


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