December 2017 Fishing Report

December 07, 2017

December 2017 Fishing Report
Proudly brought to you by Craig Smith from Hatch Fishing
The amazing run of weather we have had through November has seen some unusual things happening for early season fishing.
While it may have been fantastic to have day after day of perfect blue skies and high temperatures, the fishing has been unusually difficult in some areas due to high snowmelt in the backcountry and high temperatures in still waters and lowland rivers. If the temps do not cool down and the drought continues, we will be in for a very tough summer of fishing. Saying that, we have had some bloody good angling!
We have been enjoying mostly dry fly fishing since October, with Green Beetles out and about in late October, some fantastic mayfly hatches, and trout willing to come up for blowfly patterns without thinking about it too much.

Rainbows are around but not in high numbers in the backcountry rivers, but we are finding good numbers around the cooler water in river mouths as they empty into the lakes. Browns have been gorging on beetles, and cicadas will not be far away.

For the month of December, if the warm weather continues, fishing early morning will be the call, as the water is cooler with more oxygen to give the trout energy to feed. During the day, try and seek out water that is cooler, such as deeper runs and swift water. Remember to play and handle fish carefully to not stress them too much in the heat.

Enjoy the summer!

Tight lines,

Craig Smith 

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