January 2018 Fishing Report

January 04, 2018

January 2018 Fishing Report
Proudly brought to you by Craig Smith from Hatch Fishing
Hi all and hope Santa treated you well! 

He managed (with a bit of help from Southern Wild) to give our kids a great archery set (yes the compound bow does send arrows through corrugated iron fencing) and a fishing rod, as well as some camping wine glasses for the Mrs.

The fishing for January is looking for the mountains, with steady river flows in the backcountry.

Eastern rivers are really suffering with the drought, and many are un fishable due to high temperatures and low flows. We stopped fishing the other day at 3pm when the temp got to 19C as the chances of fish mortality are much greater.

Lake edges are fishing very well, and some windy days have certainly helped stir the water and food up near the margins which brings the trout in.

Green beetles are still about in some of the high country lakes, but are nearly finished. However, Cicadas are starting strong, and the fish are really starting to feast on them. Southern Wild has plenty of patterns available inshore. if fishing the lake margins, it’s often productive to cover deep water under native vegetation on a windy day. The same applies to tussock areas even if you aren’t seeing rises.

Some of the rivers have had quite a bit of pressure already, especially in Southland, and fish are reluctant to rise for a dry. In these cases small tungsten nymphs are a great alternative, and if you fancy your chances, using them without an indicator often gets results over using an indicator. Clear water and good eyes to see the take are a must!

If you do use indicators, the NZ Indicator tool is the best method IMHO for setting the level of fly an maintaining good line strength.

January flies:
  • Blowfly size 12 and 14
  • Cicada both bush and smaller tussock ones
  • Tungsten beadhead mayflies
  • Dragonfly nymphs
  • Damselfly nymphs 

PIC: a nice brown taken on a blowfly.

Tight lines,

Craig Smith 

Registered professional guide NZPFGA
FFF certified casting instructor
Ph +6434438446
M 0276469419

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