July Fishing Report

August 03, 2021

July has been a really good month of fishing.  I love school holidays as I get to fish every day!  And these school holidays were no different, my friends and I managed to net some good fish, most were in very good condition.  We spent our days on the Clutha River catching some cracking fish. 

Dad and I have mostly concentrated on the river mouths flowing into both local lakes. We  have done well using the brighter streamer flies and soft baits. My pick for flies would 100 percent be a green or black woolly bugger with an orange or red tungsten bead head. For my soft baits it would be the black and gold or the glass minnow purple UV, both of which Mark and Leonie stock at Southern Wild. As mentioned in my previous fishing report the bright lures work well in winter months because when the fish are spawning the fish attack the lures/softbaits as an aggressive action instead of hunger. 

 Another good fly in the winter is a well weighted egg pattern fished under an indicator for the drop offs and deep gutters as well as the lake edges around the inflowing river mouths. 

Another good place to target is along the deep drop offs of the lake near inflowing streams where the fish cruise at this time of year.

The Clutha River has been fishing very well. I have caught a good amount in there with sizes of 2-4lb all on bright colored soft baits, lures and egg flies.

Dad and I usually start to plan our yearly sea run trout fishing trips about now which I really enjoy.  It's quite different fishing and can be really  tough sometimes because of the weather and tides but I love the challenge! Hopefully in my next report I can share some photos and tips for fishing for sea run trout and Kahawai.

Tightlines everyone !

Louie “the fish” Macandrew

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