June Fishing Report

June 28, 2021

June fishing report


The fishing in June has been good with anglers catching brown and rainbow trout in the lakes, rivers and canals.

Now that we are in the colder winter months the trout have started to spawn. This means they are getting aggressive because they are swimming upstream, laying their eggs and protecting their eggs. At this time bright lures and soft baits will get them angry and activate the aggressiveness to attack it because the trout thinks it is going to take its eggs.  Think bright pink, silver and green lures; and Fluro soft baits in bright colors like pink and chartreuse. Remember although the back country rivers are closed, we still have a couple of river options for those that are keen to brave the cold!

 The rainbows are in good condition at present and fight hard, jumping about and going for big runs once hooked.

Because it’s getting cooler you will need waders and warmer layers of clothing, so you don’t get cold. Remember if you are wading around the river mouths where it is silty and soft wear a wading belt so if the bottom slips away from under you the water will not fill up your waders and pull you under. 

Recently my father took me out on the Clutha River double hander/fly fishing. Dads’ double hander rod is a 13ft Spey rod which is used for casting heavy sinking lines to get his bright streamer flies down to where the fish are holding in the cold winter months.

I have lots to learn with the double hander fly rod, but I have managed to catch a couple of small rainbows that have been fun to play.

Have a great winter everyone!


Louie “the fish’ Macandrew 😊


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