March 2018 Otago Lakes & Rivers Fishing Report

March 06, 2018

March 2018 Otago Lakes & Rivers Fishing Report
Proudly brought to you by Craig Smith from Hatch Fishing
The weather has certainly proved to be changeable, with plenty of water in our rivers, and most areas waiting for levels to return to a fishable level.

March can often be a “slow” month when hot dry conditions and low river levels along with spooky fish make the fishing hard. However, with the changeable river levels and temperatures, it is a lot easier out there to find feeding fish, even if you do have to think a bit to try and find fishable water.

Dry flies are still the “go to” option through March, although cooler weather will start to see terrestrials loose dominance in the food supply. There is still the odd cicada about, and plenty of blowflies etc.

Mayfly nymphs are a good option if nothing is happening, and also make sure you have some willow grubs ready to tie on - I really enjoy the challenge, as pinpoint accuracy is required, and also remember that the trout lets dozens of grubs go by uneaten before it feeds again - it will eat yours eventually!

There should also be some fish chasing whitebait (often referred to as “smelt”) around the river mouths later in the month as they move in to spawn. This can be great fishing with vigorous takes from rainbows just off the drop off.

Below is a nicely conditioned brown taken on a damsel fly last week.

Enjoy the fishing!

Tight lines,

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