May 2020 Fishing Report

May 04, 2020

Fishing  Report May 2020


Since the fishing came to a screaming halt at the start of April, a lot of rivers have been in great condition, with stable flows. On the last few days that we fished, there were plenty of well conditioned browns about, as well as good rainbows. 

During April I couldn’t help but check the flow charts at some of my favourite places, and could only imagine how good the fishing was!

Looking ahead, there will be some good opportunities fishing around the river mouths that flow into our lakes. When the lake levels get lower this will make the fishing easier. Take care not to wade too deep as the gravel drop-offs are extremely treacherous.

Fish can be spotted around the edges of the rip quite often, and they will be sitting underneath the flow as well. A Woolly Bugger or similar is ideal if you can get it down deep enough.

Up the rivers, which are open until the end of May, Browns will be present in big numbers spawning, but they are difficult to catch unless they are not paired up. Some extra large rainbows follow them up as they spawn, and although a bit random to find, they are stunning fish when you do.

A big thank you to all the great Kiwis that have stayed home and stayed safe through the lockdown period. 





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