October 2016 Fishing Report

Proudly brought to you by Craig Smith from Hatch Fishing

The rivers are all generally in excellent condition for the start of the season and flows are at a manageable level. Opening day saw a large number of anglers about and generally people seemed to be doing O.K. with some good numbers landed. 

Nymphing was the most successful method, using a size 14 with a size 16 dropper. We saw the occasional fish taking dries, but not ours! 

There are quite a few rainbows around and of the fish we landed, they accounted for 50%. The browns landed were in good condition but a bit smaller than in previous years for the same stretch of river.

The weather looks to be packing in down in Southland and on the West Coast over the next few days so the eastern rivers may be the best bet.

Please remember when encountering other anglers, be polite and avoid cutting in front of others (we had this happen today and it’s not very pleasant). If someone is there first they have the first call on what they want to do. Often after a chat, I find out that the other party is wanting to head in a different direction from us. If not, we jump back in the car and head to another access point on the river.

Have a great season!

Tight lines,

Craig Smith

Registered professional guide NZPFGA
FFF certified casting instructor
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