River Fishing Safety Tips

September 29, 2021


Early season many of the rivers and streams are high and dirty with snow melt making it hard to see the bottom at times.

Here are 6 tips that I think will help you out.

  • Be careful approaching the river's edge as the banks can be undercut and might collapse .
  •  Wear a wading belt at all times so if you fall over your waders don't fill up with water and drag you under.
  • Take tiny steps and shuffle your feet along the bottom feeling things out, look for gravely pieces of river bed between the bigger boulders. Standing on boulders and stones can slippery and also they can roll and  cause you to fall over.
  • A wading stick or pole is another great thing to use. It helps you feel out the bottom, gives you some added stability and is good for checking the depth of water.
  • If you do get knocked over you should lay on your back and keep your feet facing down stream this will avoid you hitting your head on rocks or snags.
  • A really safe thing to do is link arms with your fishing mate or your Dad, put the bigger person at the top so they act as an anchor. Move very slowly down stream with the current.

Always wade within your comfort zone because it isn't worth taking any  unnecessary risks.

Have a great opening day everyone and be safe out there!


Louie “the fish” Macandrew

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