September 2019 Fishing Report

September 02, 2019

Southern Wild September fishing report.
Spring has started off in brilliant fashion, with great weather and clear waters. 
Lake edges and the limited waters that are open are all in top condition. Fish are starting to move around, and there have been reports of good numbers spotted around the shallows. 

We went out for a look this morning, and while we didn’t see as many fish as expected, the ones we did see were in great condition. The weather was very calm with no wind, which probably didn’t’ help - a bit of wind acton stirs up the food supply and brings the fish in close. Bullies were the go to fly, and effective when lifted off the bottom with the trout a couple of metres away.
There was also the odd rainbow cruising off the drop off that was hooked blind. I’m confident these rainbow numbers will build up steadily over the next month.
The browns will increase in feeding activity over the next month, and damsel and dragonfly nymphs will become a dominant part of the trout's diet, and good imitations to start using over the weed beds.
Southern Wild has plenty of good patterns in stock - for September I would be carrying bullies in a couple of sizes, Damsel fly nymphs in green and brown, midge pupae patterns, and some brighter bead head nymphs to target rainbows that are entering the lower parts of  river systems that are open.
Below is a nice fish from this morning - 7 3/4 lb brown in excellent condition, and one of the best still water fish taken on a fly I have seen come out of our local lakes. Not bad fishing right on our doorstep in Wanaka!

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