Wanaka Summer Fishing Update

December 14, 2017

Wanaka Summer Fishing Update
Wow what a hot, dry summer it has been so far! River levels are uber low so if youre looking at hitting the main stem rivers these holidays, get in early before the heat of the day makes these fish move closer to cover.

The hotspots accordingly are not necessarily our river systems, but the ever cold waters of our Southern Lakes. By now trout are patrolling the edges for bullies, the weedbeds for snails and chironomids, and are happily looking up to beetles, damselflies and cicada. Accordingly, anglers should look to the appropriate patterns to imitate each of the above.

Green beetle are a Lake Wanaka favourite, with fish often eating these much more confidently than other items. The key to a good beetle pattern is to keep them small, and flush in the film, and dress your tippet with Loon Snake River Mud to reduce reflection and keep it subsurface. The issue is seeing such small, low riding flies 30’ out in the wavelets.

The solution? Simply fish it on a short dropper behind a hi viz fly such as a parachute, wulff or cicada. And who knows? The bigger attractor pattern may just help in getting the fish looking towards your beetle!

The intense UV will be an issue this summer so come on in to Southern Wild and check out the range of Simms sun protection including Solar Flex long sleeve T’s, Sun gloves and Sun gaitors and don’t forget a UPF protective hat.

Stay safe out there this silly season and enjoy all the Wanaka region has to offer!

Chris Dore
Professional Fly Fishing Guide

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