Black Magic Tackle


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Black Magic “TWIN SPIN” ball bearing swivels have an exceptional rotational capacity generated via an innovative design that gives both welded rings the ability to rotate independently.

STRONG – Heavy duty brass swivel construction coupled with a high strength stainless steel coastlock snap provides the ultimate in swivel strength and performance.

SMOOTH – Two rotating welded rings ensure that the swivel and coastlock snap will never twist and “lock up” under load, this sometimes occurs with swivels with only one ring.

BLACK – For a purpose, some fish species will strike at a shiny swivel while you are playing the big one.

PROVEN – Bruce Martin (skipper of one of New Zealand’s premier game boats “Predator”) trolled lures and livebaits for thousands of miles using our prototype “twin spin” swivels with outstanding results – numerous marlin, tuna and sharks were hooked with no line twist and no opened snaps.

TESTED – As with all of our products these are batch tested to destruction in our lab.

Twin Spin Swivel Quantity Chart

size 10kg 15kg 24kg 37kg
economy 6 5 4 3


swivel type
(recommended line weight)
average test to failure
10kg (20lb) 37kg (81.6lb)
15kg (30lb) 65kg (143.3lb)
24kg (50lb) 90kg (198.4lb)
37kg (80lb) 160kg (352.7lb)