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The perfect racquet for the attacking front-court player who is seeking more touch, the Graphene + Speed 120 is engineered with a new mold and some of HEAD's pioneering technologies. Along with the Octagonal Power Technology in the shaft that improves playability, the ultra-modern 120g frame comes with Stringbed X-Tension Technology which increases rebound for additional power. For even more power, the racquet also now has Graphene + technology, a combination of Graphene 360's energy transfer and innovative spiralfibers that supply enhanced flex and a clean impact feel.

Among the other technologies is HEAD's Adaptive Fan Pattern, which allows you to choose between a straight string pattern for more power or a special fan-shaped pattern for enhanced control. Saurav Ghosal endorses this racquet, which has a teardrop shape that allows for extra power, as well as a fresh, bold and modern design.

Frame weight 120 g
Head size 500 cm
Grip size 3 7/8
Balance head heavy
Beam 20mm