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Thermal Binocular

The Hik Micro Habrok HQ35L thermal binoculars boast a compact form factor alongside a <20mk 640×480 sensor for superior scene clarity. Constructed with a durable magnesium alloy and rubber grips for secure handling, this device offers portability without compromising on design.

This model introduces multispectral capabilities to the Habrok line, featuring a 2K resolution sensor that delivers vivid images in both day and night settings, with exceptional low-light performance and night vision support. An integrated IR illuminator with adjustable intensity enhances visibility in darkness.

The Habrok’s design incorporates a 1000m laser rangefinder (LRF) system for precise distance measurement in any lighting. Its power system relies on two 18650 batteries, providing up to 6 hours of operation, with quick replacement options and a charger included, plus two extra cells for uninterrupted use.

Enhanced with dual audio recording, the Habrok can capture and store high-quality images and videos internally. It also connects to the Hik Sight app for live streaming, and allows easy access to stored media. Firmware updates are conveniently manageable through the app, ensuring the binoculars remain up-to-date with the latest features.

The HikMicro HABROK HQ35L Multi Spectrum binoculars offers:


  • High sensitivity thermal module NETD < 20 mK (@25°C, F# = 1.0)
  • 640 × 512 resolution with 12 μm detector
  • 35 mm, F1.0 lens with thermal detection range up to 1800 m
  • 2560 × 1440 high resolution CMOS detector
  • 1920 × 1080 resolution 0.49-inch OLED display 
  • Built-in 850 nm IR illuminator and Laser Rangefinder of 1000 m    measuring distance
  • 6h+ continuous operation
  • 780g lightweight, compact and ergonomic design

Ultra clear image, impressive detail recognition

Powerful high sensitivity (NETD<20mK) thermal detector of HIKMICRO Habrok thermal imaging binoculars enables small details of objects and backgrounds to be identified easily and clearly in different weather and light conditions. 

Purpose-built image algorithm brings stunning image quality

Based on extensive analysis of thermal hunting images, HIKMICRO’s self-developed image algorithm Zoom Pro gives HABROK ultra-clear images with impressive details and less pixilation, especially in digital zoom.

All-in-One Design Built for Various Scenarios

In combination with a thermal camera, digital day & night camera, IR Emitter, and a Laser Rangefinder module, HIKMICRO HABROK is built for all day and night games.

Comfortable Visual Experience Matters

Both lenses support focus adjustment. The interpupillary distance is also adjustable from 60mm to 70mm to satisfy different users’ demands. The 1920×1080 sub-round 0.49’’ large OLED display unlocks new and comfortable observing perspectives, delivering an immersive hunting experience. 

Replaceable batteries

The HABROK multi-spectrum binocular comes with four 18650 batteries, providing an impressive 6-hour continuous operation with each charge. This extended battery life enables users to enjoy their games without power anxiety, allowing users to capture every special experience.