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The Swarvoski Z8i is the latest landmark product from a company known for landmark products. Featuring a massive 8x zoom ratio with 30mm tube, the latest in the Swarovski line of high-end riflescopes is sure to change the landscape of hunting and safari today.

The Z8i has a host of improvements over it's older and successful brother, the Z6/i - for starters, the FLEXCHANGE switchable reticle system and the ballistic turret flex - one turret for many applications. Here are a few of the highlights of the Z8i line:

  • An 8x zoom, utilizing only a slim 30mm main tube
  • Compact Illumination controls
  • 93% light transmission
  • SWAROLIGHT illumination units feature 64 levels of illumination with a memory function, can operate up to 180 hours in Day mode and 1,400 hours in Night mode, and feature an automatic switch-off timer (3 hrs for Day, 5 hours for Night)
  • FLEXCHANGE 4A-IF reticle allows change from Dot to Circle Dot
  • PBR (Personalized Ballistic Ring) available with 25/50 yard or Mil increments
  • Optional BTF (ballistic turret flex) Elevation turret allows for 3 different methods of elevation correction
  • Optional BTF (ballistic turret flex) Windage turret allows for simple windage adjustment
  • Both BTF turrets install without the use of tools!

At the end of the day, though, it's Swarovski's reputation for light transmission, clarity, and optical brilliance that keeps bringing the customers back - and the Z8i certainly is keeping up with that tradition.


W = Wide Angle
B = Eyepiece for Eyeglass Wearers
GA = Rubber Armoring
EE = Extended Eye relief or 120mm
L = Light Alloy
SR = Light Alloy with Swarovski Optik Rail
P = Parallax Turret
BT = Ballistic Turret


Features of the Z8i:


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