Pokkit Optikks


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  • Folding reading glass available in 4 optical strengths - 1.0, 1.5, 2.0 and 2.5
  • Telescopic arms and hinged bridge enable eyewear to fold down to fit easily in the smallest pocket
  • Frameless lenses provide a neutral contemporary look that appeals to a wide cross section of people
  • Gun coloured arms provide a touch of class and suit all people
  • Acrylic lenses for impact and scratch resistance
  • Fabricated from nickel silver and copper
  • Packs into a tough black ergonomic capsule 80mm long x 35mm wide x 20mm deep, capsule snap-fastens with a magnetic cap; the pack is super tough so the eyewear is highly protected
  • A label specifying optical strength is affixed to one lens of each piece, and to the top of the capsule