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Trigger your kid’s interest in fishing

If you are looking for a rear drag spinning reel that offers you high quality build but still provides great value for your money, the Shimano IX 2000 Spinning Reel is the one for you. It features a simple to adjust rear drag system and a Quick Fire II bail arm. These will put you in a position to cast again with a quick back wind. The IX 2000 is an ideal reel for kids who are just taking an interest in fishing.

Quick Fire II
Quick Fire II is a system used for easy and fast one-handed casting. The line and trigger self-centre and are within easy grasp of your index finger. By pulling the line and the trigger with one hand, the bail opens and is ready to be cast.

Shimano IX 2000 Spinning Reel Features:

  • High quality
  • Great value for your money
  • Simple to adjust rear drag system
  • Quick fire II

Shimano IX 2000 Spinning Reel Specifications:
  • Retrieve Per Crank: 53cm
  • Bearings: Bushings
  • Max Drag: 3kg
  • Mono Capacity: 3kg/155m
  • Drag Type: RD
  • Weight: 244g
  • Gear Ratio: 4.1:1