December Fishing Report

December 01, 2015

December Fishing Report
December is the month the fishing really starts to hot up, with dry flies becoming a common choice, and the fish are putting on condition as increasing amounts of food sources become available.
We have experienced plenty of rough weather over the last few weeks, which has made the fishing challenging, and fly choice and location knowledge become even more important. 
River flows have been quite high in the backcountry rivers, and the rivers east have the opposite problem - a lack of water. Saying that, when we do strike the conditions right, both rivers and lakes have been fishing well, with trout in excellent condition.
Green beetles and mayfly imitations are still common fly choices, but with high water conditions, don’t forget to always have some big streamers and nymphs the the flybox if nothing else is working.
Cicadas and other large terrestrials will start to make themselves known around Christmas time, and other patterns such as blowflies are working well.
Generally fishing pressure is low in December compared to after Christmas, so if you can make the time, get out there and enjoy!
Below is a picture taken last week of a happy client using gear he purchased from Southern Wild.
Tight lines,
Craig Smith,

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